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Team event @ B.E.S.

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New Collaboration @ B.E.S.

B.E.S is very proud to announce its new collaboration with Elliot Van Strydonck, Olympic runner-up. His sport values will for sure help us to achieve our goals. Welcome Elliot !

Do you want to know more about Business & Engineering Solutions?

Have a look at our video presenting our domains of expertise, philosophy, added-values and our synergies!

Team Building @ B.E.S

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Project Consultants' & Partners' Training

It's about your Success! #B.E.S #Training #QualityAudit #Alstom #Toyota #ThanksGeorges

Gaetan, Business Manager, starts in January 2016

“After 6 years of enriching experience where I had the chance to develop in my first experience a purely commercial side and during my second experience a purely human side, I decided to join B.E.S. because B.E.S.

Rui, Project Consultant, starts in May 2016

“Being undecided at the beginning of the intake process, soon all my doubts went away due to the professionalism of all people. In B.E.S you can find a dynamic and young spirit team, where all your professional needs are satisfied with speed and smoothness to accomplish the success.

Rémi, Project Consultant, starts in January 2016

"Thanks to B.E.S., I have a different conception of the consultant sector. B.E.S. is a structure very close to his consultants. Based on a long term view, I have a strong relationship with all the staff. 

Johan, Project Consultant, starts in April 2016

“Ayant eu, auparavant, une relation très positive, et constructive, au sein de l'équipe dont je faisais partie, il était tout naturel pour moi de continuer l'aventure. C'est pourquoi j'ai rejoint l'équipe le 18 avril 2016 en tant que "Software Developper".

Cyril, Senior Business Manager, starts in January 2016

“Being part of a true human-centric organization is a very satisfying achievement.

Business & Engineering Solutions

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